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Linda Paris Resume...

Over 18 years experience as an animator and 20 years as a broadcast designer. AE proficiency along with Adobe creative suite. Strong points are creative solutions under tight deadlines, solid design sense, experience, ability to develop good working relationships with Reporters, Producers and Directors. The ability to concept as well as take other concepts and fill in gaps with minimal direction. Other strengths are streamlining production, strong illustration style and multimedia skills. Movement and detail-oriented . Solid background in television broadcast and multimedia design. Can handle multiple projects with no problem. Proficiency with both MAC and PC
Freelance Animation and Design
New York City, NY
Lead Designer, Supervisor and Animator for ABC/WSOCTV, Charlotte, NC
(New York City, NY)
Lifetime, CBS, ESPN, A&E, MSNBC
Art Director and animator for ESPN Classic’s “Classic Now.”
(New York City, NY)

JOB DESCRIPTION: As Senior Designer/ Art Director for Classic Now I created, formatted and art directed the daily graphics, show segments and animations. This included a total of 8 monitors that were on the set and formatted to be used in various ways during each segment. Created animations and internal graphics for daily packages, promos, series events and new segments. Worked with the Director and the Producers to create the pieces and animations that they needed to brand the show. Created tease elements, print work, promos, projections for sports events, set elements, and website elements. Prepared files for the internet and for use in other media.
Software used: After Effects, Adobe Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator, Combustion
(Entire Adobe Suite)
Equipment Used: PC 3D BOXX
(Washington, DC)
JOB DESCRIPTION: ART DIRECTOR_ Video and Digital Production for M&D Media. Created and art directed theme animations for DVD productions, including opening animations that match theme, animation with a place for text and still backgrounds that coordinate with each theme to be used for small photos and other elements.
Designed and created animated DVD main menus, DVD main Menu buttons, Graphics and DVD case wrapper. Re-designed logos for entire product line. Designed and optimized movies and files for the web. Created and designed web icons, logos and unique animated elements for the web. Optimized files and worked with programmers to create elements within templates. Created large digital paintings to be printed on quality canvas and other pieces for display use in trade shows. Created animated ads for trade shows. Supervised small Graphics Department.
Software used: After Effects, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Corel Painter
Equipment : MAC
Freelance Aftereffects Animation, Multimedia Design.
(Los Angeles, California)

Clients Include: “E Entertainment”, “Aspect Ratio”, “TNT” CNN, PBS, PotatoFinger, Blueland Media,
KMT Productions, Wolftrap Center for the Performing &D Media

“ E Entertainment”:
Animated on air promos for shows on “E” such as: “True Hollywood Story”, “Talk Soup” and It’s “Good to be Famous.”

“ Aspect Ratio”:
Created DVD ads for television including “Bad Santa”, “Along Came Polly” and “Thirteen Going on Thirty.” Worked directly with producers and Art Director to create spots using clips sent to the server and editing them together with type treatments and graphic elements to produce a finished ad.

Art Directed, Designed and illustrated "Chipponie, Carlos and Pierre, the characters that represent Potatofinger (Chips with Attitude). Produced a ten second animated commercial spot that shows Chipponie dancing and having a party with Carlos and Pierre. The owners wanted a female character that was fun loving yet exuded style and told the story that their potato chips were for discriminating people that were health conscious, but enjoyed delicious "guilty pleasures" at the same time. The "Cabana Boys" were recently added to accompany her wherever she goes. The feeling is"high-end party food" mixed with glamour and fun. Designed web elements and print pieces that coordinated with animated spot.
Turner, TNT, CNN, PBS, Blueland Media, M&D Media, KMT, Wolftrap:
Worked with several producers on projects that aired on various networks to create animated intros and internal graphics that told a story. Worked on set pieces with Blueland Media that were created to match animated intro and stand 30 ft x 6ft, for Wolftrap Center in Washington DC.

1996-2001 CNN
(Atlanta, Georgia
1996-2001 CNN _ Production Designer/ Animator/ Art Director for the show “CNN Newsroom.” CNN Newsroom is a half hour, commercial free show that is seen in classrooms all over the world. It is part of "Cable in the Classroom" and was created and formatted to provide news and information to High Schools in over 70 countries.
Designed and created all animations: show opens, segment animations, animated maps, animated banners, series animations, animated learning tools, keyable animated sets, animated panels. Supervised daily show artists and created formats for daily graphics and packages. Meet and work directly with producers and teachers to create graphic tools that educated and challenged as well as drew young viewers in. Worked with the TDs and other technical staff to incorporate interesting transitions and effects from the control room and streamline the daily production through the use creative formatting. Worked with producer to re-designed the show each year. Learned the linear edit suite in order to free up editors for other projects. Art directed the daily show artist. Created and designed sets for the show, working directly with the executive producer.
Because it went into High Schools and was shown to students every day, CNN executives wanted the show to have a new look each fall.

1994-1996 CNN
Production Designer: Designed the looks of feature shows such as Larry King Live and Crossfire . Re-designed the look of existing shows to give them a fresh new feel. Worked on “Special Projects” such as “The War in Iraq”, promos or a special series.
Worked directly with Producers, Reporters and Directers to create series animations and formatted graphic elements for the Daily Show Artists to use..
Create complicated maps and explainer animations for reporters and producers. Work with 3D or Flame compositors for large projects.

1991-1994 CNN
Senior Artist at CNN: Created animated fullscreens, charts, graphics maps, beepers and promos for producers and reporters. Work directly with reporters and producer's to deliver graphics for their pieces. Call Reporter or Producer, make sure paperwork is filled out properly and all information is checked for errors before air. This included daily fs business graphics for “Moneyline with Lou Dobbs”, and other financial shows, piecharts and complicated graphs and charts. Created animated maps that showed locations of fighting, crashes, news events and other stories that needed a more “in-depth” explanation, such as the situation in Yougoslavia or the dissolution of the old Russia. These maps take time and involve more production depending on how complicated the information is.

1989-1991 Package Artist / CNN
Package artists are responsible for designing and creating daily fullacreen information that is inserted into the reporter’s packages. Simple charts, graphs, maps and informational graphics such as “Report on Bad Effects of Smoking by Surgeon General” Call Reporter or Producer, make sure paperwork is filled out properly and all information is checked before air.

1984-1989 CNN
Show artists design and create the daily, over the shoulder graphics for News Shows. They meet with the show producer and go over the show rundown making note of all over the shoulder graphics, lower thirds, fullscreens, maps and other graphic elements that are needed for the show. If the graphics and other elements are already in the system, the artist locates them and writes the information on the rundown. If the elements do not exist, the Show Artist creates them, or makes sure the proper people

Freelance Graphic Design and Illustration
Macy's Department Stores, Avanti Furs, Atlanta Colorhouse
Part time instructor: Art Institute of Atlanta

Broadcast Work Includes:

Show opens
Segment animations
Animated maps
Animated banners
Series animations
Animated learning tools
Keyable and Virtual Sets
Animated panels
Show formatting
Map Packages
Over the Shoulder Graphic formats

Three years college: Fine Arts Major
Ringling School of Art and Design:
Degree in Illustration and Graphic Design 
Completed Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced
courses in Photoshop at New Horizons Learning Center
through Turner Broadcasting.
Completed Beginners iIlustrator course at
New Horizons Learning Center through
Turner Broadcasting.
Completed Dreamweaver 1 and 2 and Beginners Flash
at New Horizons Learning Center through
Turner Broadcasting.
Completed Intermediate Flash at New Horizons Learning Center
through Turner Broadcasting.
Completed Adobe Authorized Custom Aftereffects Training
at the Apple Learning Center
through Turner Broadcasting.
Image Film and Video, Final Cut Pro Workshop
at The Apple Learning Center

6 National Daytime Emmy Nominations
For: "CNN Newsroom"
Graphics Producer:
Outstanding Children's Program
Senior Executive Producer: Larry Blase1996 Emmy Nomination
For: "CNN Newsroom"
Outstanding Graphics and Title Design
Art Director: Linda Paris
2 1996 BDAs
For: Animations
" Check it Out" “World View Bump”
2 1997 BDAs
For: Animations
" Did You Know?" “Newsroom Logo ID”
Blue Ribbon Panelist
For: National Daytime Emmys

(Expert knowledge)

(Solid knowledge)

(Solid knowledge)

Final Cut Pro 4
(Solid knowledge)

(Beginners knowledge)

(Expert knowledge)

DVD Studio pro
(Solid knowledge)

(Solid knowledge)

Microsoft Word
(Basic Knowledge)

DVD Studio Pro
(Solid knowledge)

Paintboxes Quantel, Liberty, Aurora
DVE Abekas Digital
Editors Grass Valley 251 and 141, Some Avid
Switchers Abekas 8100, Grass Valley 200, Grass Valley 1000
Still Store Accom, Bronto